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Start assembling your team of Raiders, compete against other Archons and battle your way to glory!

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Let's get started!

Closed Alpha Overview

This is a FREE playtest for all confirmed testers 

(testers do not & cannot spend any $)


  • App access starts at 00:01 AM on Dec 29th (UTC+8) 

  • App access closes at 23:59 PM on Dec 30th (UTC+8)


Testers can play all of the following:


Details of Tournaments 


  • Date:    Dec 29 - 30

  • Timing (UTC+8): 

                      9:00  AM - 11:00 AM

                   14:00 PM - 16:00 PM

                   20:00 PM - 22:00 PM

                   (Bonus Tournament)

  • Campaign

  • Raids and Daily Quests

  • Normal and Deathmatch

  • Tournaments

Important Notice!

Enter your email in the app

​Once you've opened the game, click the setting icon on the top left corner 


Open the game

Click the pen icon on the second row to enter your email address for verification


Enter your email

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Closed Alpha FAQ

What can I do with Gold and Gem?

Gold is used to join tournaments.


Gem can be used to buy more Raiders + Gears from the in-game store. Important: Gold and Gem are in-game currencies that cannot be sold.


Note: For the Closed Alpha, Gold-entry tournaments will only provide Gold as rewards (the USDT is a special bonus we have added for the Closed Alpha) but after the public launch Gold-entry tournaments will provide other in-game rewards as well. This is why having more Gold in your account for the public launch is valuable so make sure you have correctly entered your email address in the Closed Alpha app (refer to Q3 for more info)


What can I carry over in my account to the public launch?

Gold remaining in your account can be carried over to the public launch.


You will need to be using the same login email / account for these to be credited to your player account then. In-game assets such as Raiders and Gears will NOT be carried over.


Also, should we need to conduct future private playtests after the Closed Alpha this Gold earned will not be included in future playtests. The Gold you have from this Closed Alpha playtest will still be credited to your player account when the public launch happens assuming you’ve correctly entered your email address in the Closed Alpha app (refer to Q3 for more info)


How would I know what rewards am I eligible for from the Closed Alpha playtest e.g. Gold & USDT?

After logging into the Closed Alpha app you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID or Google Play email address for verification in the app Account Settings.


This is a COMPULSORY step to ensure that all Closed Alpha rewards are properly attributed to you. You will NOT be eligible for any rewards if you do not complete this step. IMPORTANT: Each email should only be tied to 1 account. Any other accounts tied to the same email will be removed and the rewards forfeited.


All testers will be sent an email on the 5th / 6th Jan 2023 indicating all the rewards they are eligible for. For testers that are eligible for USDT, you will be asked to provide an ETH wallet address for us to send the USDT reward to you. So do keep a lookout in your inbox, promotions or spam folder after the Closed Alpha.


Can I get more info on the digital collectibles and how do I get selected in the Closed Alpha to purchase it at a discount?

After the public launch of the game, we will release an initial set of 1K collectibles for each of our 33 Raiders i.e. 33K collectibles in total.


To maintain the competitive integrity of the game we have designed these as special profile displays for the Raiders that will show up throughout the battle flow and do not provide any stat boost. We also are exploring additional benefits such as potential discounts on token redemptions and more for the owners of these collectibles (the details will be announced closer to public launch). All collectibles will only be sold AFTER the public launch of the game to ensure maximum transparency and utility. The price of the initial set of collectibles are still being discussed but will not exceed USD 100 per collectible.

100 ACTIVE testers from the Closed Alpha will be selected at RANDOM and given the option to purchase one of our digital collectibles at a 80% discount when the collectibles become available for sale after the public launch of the game.


An ACTIVE tester is someone who participated in at least one tournament during the Closed Alpha playtest and correctly entered their email address in the Closed Alpha app (refer to Q3 for more info). Each tester is only eligible to purchase ONE digital collectible at a discount and this eligibility cannot be transferred to others.


When is the public launch?

It depends on the performance and feedback we received during the Closed Alpha playtest.

Assuming all goes well we plan for the public launch to take place in Q1 2023.


How does the Tournament leaderboard determine the ranking in the event of a tie?

In the event where more than one tester has the same score the ranking will be determined by


1. Fewer losses 
2. More wins 
3. Win Streak. 


E.g. Assuming two testers have a score of 9000, the system will prioritize the tester who loss fewer number of games. 

Assuming both testers have loss the same number of games then the system will next prioritize who has won more games. If that is also a tie, the system will prioritize who has won more games in a row.


What happens if there is a disconnection, bug, error or misallocation of points / wins during the Closed Alpha playtest?

We sincerely apologize in advance if our testers experience this. Please understand that things like this might occur during the Closed Alpha playtest.


A key objective of the playtest is to identify these issues so we can fix them before the public launch.  As such, we highly encourage all testers to inform us of any bugs and issues you encounter.

No corrections / amendments will be made during the Closed Alpha. All in-game results and Bloxmith decisions are final.



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